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Our experts at Halo Robotics are here to assist you with drone solutions to assist with your precision agriculture problems. We know, and understand your best use case, budgets, and support needs. We have some pre-crafted solutions that we believe are best used for agricultural and precision irrigation, but it’s not only limited to those solutions. Depending on your best use case, and budget, we can tailor the perfect drone solution for you or your company.

Real Life Applications for First Responder Drones

For years, farmers have walked their fields investigating crops manually for signs of stress or disease. Drones provide farmers with larger inspection capabilities to monitor crop fields. Drones give greater feedback in relation to crop yields, weed control, and irrigation.

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Using Drones To Assess Crop Health

Sentera NDVI Webinar

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With precision GPS and thermal cameras, drones have the ability to spot water pooling and provide a deeper field analysis, leading to more efficient farming.

Sentera Multispectral Sensor

Sentera’s real-time plant health solution and crop scouting tool is being used by farmers around the world to improve decisions on the field. Sentera’s NDVI crop health sensors allows you to capture data and view offline. The entire system can actively collect data in under 50 seconds, making scouting your crops half the work.

DroneDeploy Mapping Software

DroneDeploy makes it simple to create flight plans on any device allowing you to launch a mission with automated take-off, flight, image capture and landing. You can access your orthomosaic, NDVI, interactive maps and 3D models in minutes.

Micasense RedEdge

The Micasense RedEdge is an advanced multispectral camera designed to collect accurate data. It simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands and seamlessly integrates across all UAV platforms, making it the ideal solutions for research and remote scouting.

Agriculture & Farming Drones and Bundles

  • Agras MG-1S

    The Agras MG-1S integrates a number of cutting-edge DJI technologies, including the newA3 Flight Controller, and a Radar Sensing System…

Payload for Agriculture & Farming Drones

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