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Built for hard work and long hours in the field, the crop inspection solutions have been configured for dual battery operations to provide the extended flight time and range needed to inspect large acres of land. Gather crucial crop health data needed to increase yields and reduce the risk of crop failure.

Real Life Applications of Crop Inspection Drones in Agriculture

Using drones for inspecting power lines and transmission towers reduce the risk of injury. Drones make the work safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. With the ability to capture accurate data over large distances, there is less need for manual inspections which are often dangerous. As a result, drones are becoming the smartest solution for powerline inspection.

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A Bird’s Eye View: Using Drones To Assess Crop Health

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Drones provide farmers with larger inspection capabilities to monitor crop fields. Drones give greater feedback in relation to crop yields, weed control, and irrigation. With thermal drones, farmers have the ability to spot water pooling and provide a deeper field analysis.

Sentera Multispectral Sensor

Sentera’s real-time plant health NDVI solution and crop inspecting tool is being used by farmers around the world to improve decisions on and off the field. The sensor allows you to capture data in under 50 seconds and to view plant health invisible to the human eye.

The Ultimate End-to-End NDVI Solution

Sentera’s offers sensors that can be used with DJI drones like the Phantom 4 or Mavic Pro to capture data invisible to the naked eye. The end-to-end NDVI solution is being used by farmers today, providing real results for real people.

Micasense RedEdge

Micasense offers high-quality multispectral data. The Micasense RedEdge is an advanced multispectral camera designed to collect accurate data. It simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands and seamlessly integrates across all UAV platforms, making it the ideal solutions for research and remote scouting.

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Crop Inspection Drones and Bundles

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