Our Culture

Halo Robotics was established with the vision of service to Indonesia, and to make a positive difference in the world. We believe that the single most important driver of sustainable social change is to support widened access to advanced technologies that transform the way we live and connect with each other.


Vision: to support a systemic social transformation through easy access to advanced technology.

Mission: to lead the distribution of pioneering technology in every channel, across all segments, and across all levels of the Indonesian market.

Our Values are

Trust: we hire the best and brightest in every area of our business, trusting every member of the team to be deeply motivated to provide inspirational service to both our customers, and our partners.

Impact: we believe that widening access to advanced technology is a key driver of positive social change, and this perspective is both the central driving force of Halo’s market leadership and the key to access a full range of consumer, commercial and government channels.

Diversity: both the staff and management of Halo Robotics reflect the society in which we operate, truly welcoming a diverse mix of culture, expertise, gender, and professional backgrounds from all corners of the globe.

Earnings: we believe that a market-based approach is key to driving a sustainable social impact, and therefore we must fearlessly advance our market leadership and continue to establish all conditions which support sustained growth for our brands.

Service: we recognize our role as a value-adding distribution partner, market educator, and customer caretaker, treating every detailed interaction with equal significance and full commitment to unparalleled service excellence.