DJI Inspire 2 & X4S Kit

Everything you need for your DJI Inspire 2 to capture high precise (3cm) data and produce mapping of the highest possible absolute accuracy.

Kit includes:

  • KlauPPK system with antenna and power supply.
  • Mounting kit for DJI Inspire 2. Easy to install.
  • Modified and calibrated DJI Zenmuse X4s camera.
  • KlauPPK software
  • Support to get you up and running with installation, operations, PPK data processing and photogrammetry processing.
  • $500 credit on 4DMapper to try processing on the cloud.
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The drone dji inspire 2 kit includes a calibrated DJI X4S camera integrated with the KlauPPK system for precise aerial surveying and mapping.

The calibrated X4S camera includes :

  • Precise centre of exposure time output pulse
  • Calibration certificate

Our modified cameras are factory calibrated. We supply the calibration details to go straight into your photogrammetry software, enabling the highest quality 3D mapping possible.

The KlauPPK system includes:

  • 555 channel all-constellation multi-frequency positioning solution including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS L1/L2/L5 powered by Novatel OEM 7 series
  • Optional multi-channel L-Band support for TerraStar correction services
  • Advanced interference visualization and mitigation features
  • Lightweight L1/L2 GPS/Glonass antenna
  • Mounting kit and power supply
  • Klau PPK processing software to process your high accuracy photo centre coordinates, manage camera calibration, apply IMU and 3D lever arm corrections, geotag photos with 3cm accuracy XYZ or create a coordinate file in any local site or global coordinate system and geoid.

You will need to run a ground base station if you don’t have access to the VRS or CORS network. You can use a survey grade GNSS receiver (set to collect data at 1Hz in Rinex format), or you can purchase a dedicated base station from us.