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Speak With An Experienced Drone Expert

Speak With An Experienced Drone Expert

Halo Robotics specializes in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for police, fire, and search and rescue (SAR) teams. Our UAV experts have been developing solutions for these professionals for over half a decade. We have worked with hundreds of municipalities, state, and government agencies and understand their unique procurement process. We understand your missions, use case, operational budgets and support needs.

Real Life Applications for First Responder Drones

Drones are quickly becoming a widely used tool by many public safety agencies. Police, Fire, and SAR teams benefit from the rapid deployment of drones. Within minutes of arrival, a drone can stream a real-time aerial feed to a remote location for areas or conditions where it is sometimes difficult or impossible to fly manned aircrafts. With thermal cameras, drones provide vision through smoke or dense foliage to quickly identify hot spots unseen by regular cameras.

Easy To Deploy Solutions

Advanced Thermal Imagery

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

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Search & Rescue Drones

We incorporate the latest drone technology with a special emphasis on portability, reliability, and rapid deployment. Complete with a night operations strobe light (as required by the FAA for legal night operations) and the Stork payload drop system for quick deployment of survival supplies, our thermal experts understand what you need for your missions.

Search & Rescue Drones

Infrared cameras provide first responders with the durability and reliability. Thermal imagery accelerates the search for missing people by highlighting thermal signatures even through dense foliage.

Search & Rescue Drones

Instead of sending first responders into dangerous situations, send in a drone first to perform operations to gather information to detect signs of danger.

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Speak With An Experienced Drone Expert

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We are industry leaders in thermal imaging drones. As one of the pioneers in thermal drone technology, our team of experts will help you build a custom solution that meets both your budget and needs.


We specialize in the development and delivery of cost effective mission specific enterprise solutions. All our kits are specially designed, assembled, and individually tested for quality assurance in the United States.


Our customer service doesn’t just end with your purchase; we go the extra mile to make sure our customers have the guidance they need. As our customer, you will know us by name and can count on us for support whenever you need.